Lab News

9/15/2019 The Jassby and Hoek group (UCLA), together with the Ramon group (Technion) were selected for an NSF-BSF award to explore the impact of electric and flow fields on surfactant stabilized oil drops during the separation of oil from water. 

8/30/2019 Congratulations to Xiaobo and Caroline for successfully defending their PhD thesis! Both are heading to greener (i.e., lucrative) pastures in academia and industry.  

07/19/2018 The Jassby and Hoek groups (UCLA), together with the Cath and Tilton groups (CSM) and Dr. Craig Turchi from NREL were selected by DOE to explore new membrane distillation materials that can efficiently utilize solar heat to treat high salinity brines. 

03/01/2018 The Jassby group (UCLA), together with the Cwiertney (UI) and Wong (UCR) groups were awarded a SEED grant from SERDP to explore a new photo/electrochemical method for the degradation of perfulronated carbons.

11/15/2017 Li and Arpita's paper on silicate mineral scaling cleaning using electrochemical pH modification during MD of geothermal brines was published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

11/01/2017 The Water Technologies group will be re-locating to UCLA's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering on November 1, 2017.

08/01/2017 Quynh's paper on the implications of drought and water conservation on wastewater reuse was published in Water Research.

06/10/2017 The Jassby and Mulchandani groups at UCR were awarded a grant from the DOE to develop microfuidic electrochemical sensors for heavy metal detection in wastewater.

05/29/2017 Alex's paper on self-heating membrane distillation membranes just got published in Nature Nanotechnology! 

3/15/2017 Wenyan and Avner's paper on the electrochemical removal of hexavalent chromium from groundwater using electrically conducting ultrafiltration membranes was published in the Journal of Membrane Science.

3/1/2017 A new postdoc has joined the group. Welcome Yiming!

1/15/2017 The Jassby group is part of a team that was awarded over $5 million by USDA (led by Prof. Caroline Roper from the Department of Plant Pathology at UCR) to study the use of different anti-microbial agents to treat Citrus Greening Disease. The Jassby group will synthesize, characterize, and apply anti-microbial nanoparticles with specific surface properties that are tailored to transport and treat bacteria in infected trees.

1/5/2017 Xiaobo's paper on the separation of surfactant-stabilized oil from water using ultrafilatration and nanofiltration membranes was published in the Journal of Membrane Science.

11/29/2016 Alex passed his PhD defense! Congratulations Dr. Dudchenko! 

09/01/2016 Three new graduate students joined the group! Welcome Arpita, Charmaine, and Bongyeon!

10/4/2016 the Jassby group, together with Prof. Jason Ren (UC Boulder) and Prof. Michael Massey (CSU East Bay) was awarded a grant from the USDA to investigate the recovery of water, energy, nutrients (N, P) from anaerobic digester centrate by combining electrically conducting membranes with anaerobic microbial processes.


10/4/2016 Adam's paper describing how open-source hardware (Arduino) and software can be used to build autonomous membrane control systems was published in Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology.


8/23/2016 Quynh's paper describing the development of a regional wastewater reuse model designed to optimize the treatment of wastewatr for agricultural applications has been published in the ACS journal Environmental Science and Technology. Quynh is co-advided by Dr. Jassby and Dr. Kurt Schwabe from UCR's School of Public Policy.


8/23/2016 Wenyan and Avner's paper on enhanced anodic stability of polyaniline-coated CNT UF membranes has been published in the ACS Journal Applied Materials and Interfaces. 


06/07/2016 Wenyan Passed her PhD defense! Congratulations!!


05/15/2016 Li Tang (PhD in Environmental Engineering from Johns Hopkins) joined the lab after a short postdoctoral stint with Dr. Manish Kumar at Penn State. Li will be working on the desalination and reuse of geothermal brines using membrane distillation. Welcome Li!


05/10/2016 Dr. Avner Ronen, a postdoc in the Jassby lab, accepted a position in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Temple University as an Assistant Professor. Congratulations Avner!


05/01/2016 The Jassby group was awarded a subcontract from the National Renewable Energy Lab to investigate new membrane distillation membrane materials for the treatment of geothermal brines. This project will be performed in close cooperation with Dr. Tzahi Cath from Colorado School of Mines.


02/24/2016 Dr. Jassby recieved the NSF CAREER award for the project titled "CAREER: Beyond Condensation Reactions and Polymer Casting: New Water Treatment Membrane Materials Through Electropolymerization"


01/21/2016 Wenyan's paper on the use of electrically conducting UF and NF membranes for the treatment of anaerobic sequencing batch reactor effluent has been published in the Journal of Membrane Science.


12/15/2015 The Jassby group (co-PI) together with Dr. Sharon Walker (PI; UCR) recieved an award from the USDA on the use of membrane distillation for the treatment of anaerobic digestor centrate and the recovery of N and P.


09/30/2015 Alex's paper on coupling Pickering emulsions with ultrafiltration for fouling-free oil/water separation has been published in ACS Nano.


09/17/2015 Avner's paper on microbial attachment inhibition on electrically charged membranes has been published in Environmental Science and Technology.


06/1/2015 The Jassby group (PI from USA) together with Dr. Christopher Arnusch (PI from Ben Gurion University, Israel) and Dr. James Tour (Rice University) received an award from the US-Israel Binational Science Foundation to develop graphene-functionalized electrocatalytic membranes for water treatment applications.


03/1/2015 The Jassby group (co-PI) together with Dr. Kurt Schwabe (PI; UCR) received an award from the US Department of Agriculture to develop an economic model that optimizes the treatment and reuse of wastewater for agricultural purposes, with the goal of increasing the resiliance of local agricultural water supplies. This project is also receiving support from BARD (Israel), which is supporting a parallel effort by Dr. Ido Kan and Dr. Benny Hefetz from Hebrew University, Israel.


02/1/2015 The Jassby group (co-PI) together with Dr. Sharon Walker (PI; UCR) received an award from the National Science Foundation to develop a forensic approach towards biofilm management practices.


09/25/2014 The Jassby group (PI) together with Dr. Zachary Hendren (co-PI; RTI) received an award from the Department of Interior to conduct research on oil spill cleanup under arctic conditions.


09/15/2014 The Jassby group (co-PI) together with Dr. Zachary Hendren (PI; RTI) received an award from the Department Energy to conduct research on fouling resistant membranes to treat produced water for beneficial reuse applications.


07/29/2014 The Jassby group received an award from the Office of Naval Research. The project title is "Coupling Ferromagnetic Particles and Electrically Conducting Carbon Nanotube-Polymer Composite Ultrafiltration Membranes for Fouling-Free Oil/Water Separations"


07/01/2014 Dr. Avner Ronen, a BARD scholar from the Technion (Israel), joins the lab group. Welcome!


06/15/2014 The Jassby group received an award from the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund. The project title is "Enhanced Oil Recovery from Oil-in-Water Emulsions through the Coupling of Magnetic Amphiphilic Nanoparticles with Electrofiltration".


10/01/2013 The Jassby and Matsumoto groups received an award from the Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment. The project title is "Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Membrane Bioreactor with Electrically Conducting Nanofiltration Membranes for Recalcitrant Organic Contaminant Degradation".


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